Friday, 15 May 2015

Quick Update

Assalamualaikum & Hello

I have loads to share but not right now because I am not feeling well and I would rather roll around on my bed right now.

Just a quick update to remind myself that I need to do a review on my smiggle hardtop case and to talk about my school holiday planner class.

Oh and its finally the weekend so I get to play with my planners all day long today. 

Ok my stomach is killing me.


Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cristina Re Adhesive Roller Tape

Assalamualaikum & Hello

I can't believe I just discovered adhesive roller tape. Like OMG i have been missing this awesome hassle free invention for god knows how long. It has been all my craft work so so so much easier.

And I cant believe I didnt know they have it @ Popular too. I just spent RM 14.90 for it when they actually have a much cheaper ones which cost only RM 4.90. Pfft. But to make myself feel better, I keep telling myself that the Cristina Re adhesive roller tape I bought is pink and its pretty.

Tomorrow I MUST make a short visit to popular to get more so that I wont finish my expensive-ruginya-menyesal beli roller tape.

Grrr. Masih tak puas hati #mahalnya


Friday, 8 May 2015

Happy Mail

Assalamualaikum & Hello

ITS THE WEEKEND!!! Ever since I started working at this company, I didnt exactly like the weekend because I love working there, I enjou going to work everyday but this week has been a bad week for mw although I might not show it so I am really really glad that weekend is finally here.

BUTTTTT that is not what I wanted to share today. I want to share about the happymails i have been receiving everyday last week :P

On Tuesday which was the first day back at work after four days of holiday I received my long awaited parcel, my Teal Webster Pages Color Crush and my Kikki.K Small Lilac Time Planner *squels with joy*

On Wednesday, I got my alphabet stamps that I ordered from one of the PAM girls. I am planning to use it for my journaling inside my flappydori. Been printing pic etc to do a bit of journaling this weekend as I havent done so since last week.

On Thursday i received my parcel full of stickers, sticky notes and washis. Hahahaha. I am selling stickers now too. Follow me on carousell, just search for syzlittleshop. But I still need to buy more because the stocks I have are for customers so I cannpt touch sobs sobs.

Yesterday which was Friday, I received two parcel. In the morning was a parcel from my swap partner and I LOVE EVERYTHING INSIDE. She included loads of PL cards, washi tapes, sticky notes and 3-1 nescafe, so kiut :p. I also reveived my sticky notes that I purchased also from one of the PAM.

I have few more parcels to arrive but I gotta wait till Monday for that.

All I can say is that I LOVE HAPPYMAILS. It somehow brings some excitement to my boring life, haha. And also because I get nice things too hahaha.



Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sticky Girl

Hello & Assalamualaikum

Phew. It has been a few weeks since I last updated my blog. And yes I know I promised to share some pics from the Happie Scrappie Gathering but being the procrastinator that I am, I havent transfer all the pics to my desktop yet. Will do it soon.... ish :P

Anyways, I am curious to know what do you guys use to write notes on daily basis? For me, I am a stickt note girl. I jot down notes, list, things to do, basically everything on stickt notes and at the end of the day I will transfer it into my planners. Yes plannerS because I am now using 3 different planner. I keep my gold kikki.k at the office and thats where I write work related stuff. I bring my dark mint kikki.k aroud because the size is just right to bring around without taking much space in my bag and I use it to combine both personal and work. So each day before I leave work, after writing down all the things I need to do inside my work planner, I will jot it down inside my personal&work planner and at home I have my personal planner which is my light pink colorcrush where I write down family plans, birthdays, things to buy, grocery list and LOADS AND LOADS of Mr.S's picture because he hates taking proper pics and I just love looking at his funny faces <--- overly attached partner detected!!

Oh shoot, Im off topic again. Ok lets get back to the main topic, where do you ladies always write down notes while on the go, while working, at home? I bring my trusted sticky notes everyhwere, its always inside my pocket and even when I attend meetings I only take one pen/pencil and my sticky notes with me. I just love love sticky notes I dont know why. If you visit me at work you will see my desk is FULL of stickt notes everywhere but surprisingly I can actually find notes I wrote weeks ago and people just dont get it because they lose their sticky notes all the time and I can still find notes I wrote weeks ago bcoz I dont throw em out, I keep all of em inside a box, HAHAHA.



Saturday, 18 April 2015

Happie Scrappie Gathering Pt 1

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

Its Saturday today which means Hello Weekends! My favourite day of the week is Saturday because i get to wake up a bit late and i get to just laze around the house and play with my planners, stickers and washis.

But today was a bit different, i got to play planners with my fellow planner addicts because today was the planner addict's gathering hosted by Sam (Happie Scrappie).

I have been waiting for today ever since Sam announced that she was going to host this gathering. I just couldnt wait to meet others who shares the same passion and interest as me and i was also excited to meet one of our PAM members who flew all the way from Brunwi just to attend this gathering. Sigh things we do for the love of stationeries and planners.

The event was at souled out ampang and it started at 11. I was a bit late because i was not feeling well at first but Alhamdulillah i felt better afterwards. I reached souled out around 12-ish.

There was prolly around 20 of us so it was just nice, not to small but not to big so everyone got to minggle around w each other. Everyone brought out their planners and everything was just on the table.

We had washis everywhere, stamps, inkpads, papers, pens, scissors, stickers everything was everywhere and planners was passed around, we got to see each others planners and exchanged tips and ideas. I learnt a lot of new things just now and pheww here i tot i have went overboard w this planner obsession but now i feel much much better because their collection and their knowledge on planners, whoaa i feel so tiny compared to them HAHA.

Everyone there was super friendly and nice, tak kedekut tips etc. They were happy to share where they bought their things etc and one of them brought her Hobonichi and it was super awesome and i know i must add that to my 2016 planner wish list.

The food at souled out as usual was good and we chatted and ate happily while surrounded by planners and washis. Food + good company + stationeries + planners just the perfect combination to make this woman here happy! :)

We took pictures too, loads of em but since my internet connection at home is super slow kalau race with kura-kura pun kura-kura menang, i shall post pictures in Happie Scrappie Gathering Pt 2.


and finally got to touch and see the EC planner and its so pretty! Ish everything pun pretty! Most of them had ---dori and their dori's r all so pretty and full of beautiful sketches i feel like mine must be the most boring-est and plain-est dori in the world :(

I cant draw at all. Sigh

Ok will share pics soon.


Friday, 17 April 2015

Scandinavia Stickers

Hello & Assalamualaikum Ladies!

I havent had the chance to take proper pictures of my planners so today I am going to talk about stickers instead!

Sounds boring?

Well maybe for some stickers are for kids but for some (like me!) stickers can be cute and collecting stickers can be very addictive and i am very sure i am not alone in this.

So tadaaaaaa introducing my Scandinavia style index label stickers. Cute ey ey?

I got this for FREE! the lady i bought my colorcrush included so many goodies for me including this stickers. I just love em all especially the hot air baloons and the teapots. Its so pretty i sayang nak use but i made a promise to myself to start using all my stickers because Mr.S told me whats the use of buying if it will end up staying at the corner of my room collecting dust, well he has a point there but i enjoy just looking at all the lovely stationeries i have collected and berat hati sangat nak guna.

So tell me, do u face the same problem as me? Do u feel sayang to use all ur stationeries collection? 

Share share hehe.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Webster Pages Color Crush Review

Hello Ladies.

So I have been waiting for my Webster Pages Color Crush for weeks and it finally arrived few days back and one thing for sure, it was definitely worth the wait. It was love at first sight. My light pink color crush is now officially my favourite planner.

Let me share some pictures of my beautiful planner.

I bought the light pink color crush since Pink is my favourite color. Didnt regret my choice. I think that this is by far the best thing I bought for year 2015 :)

This is the tag attached to the planner. Each color comes with a different tag and mine says "Love Today". Ahh I just fall in love all over again each time I look at this planner. 

The first thing you see after you open this planner is "Today is a Great Day." This definitely helps to keep me motivated and the gold color they used makes it more beautiful. I think a bit of gold with pink makes it prettier.

This is how the monthly view looks like. Not too big, not too small but luckily my writing is small so I have no problem to write inside those boxes.

This is the weekly view which is just the right size. I dont like my weekly view to be too small because I usually write all the important stuff I need to do and remember here so this size is just right and I love the gold dotted divider very much. I think i am starting to like the color gold now!

Another thing that I love about my color crush is how they write each month so nicely. Its very simple but just beautiful. And the gold color makes is stand out so its just the right combination.

I am so in love with it and I bring it everywhere with me now, even to sleep ;P

So if you guys r looking for a planner and dont mind paying a bit more, i would suggest you to get the webster pages colorcrush planner which comes in few yummy colors, nak tahu what color yg ada sila google ya. hehe.